What is Wolf Whisperer?

Wolf Whisperer is a Graphical User Interface that works in conjunction with WolfcamQL to play, record, organize, and encode Quake Live demos. It’s used somewhat like a media player with options to Pause/Rewind/FF demos as they play.

The GUI will make life a lot easier as you don’t need to learn any commands. Easily jump to any time on the game clock, cycle through frags and record high quality video or encode for YouTube. It comes packaged with the latest version of WolfcamQL and includes over 100MB of high quality textures and weapon models.

A new concept is also being introduced called Voice Over Demos. A Quake Live demo with an Mp3 backing track combined into one vod file. Watch top quality games with the best quality graphics that only a demo can provide with synced commentary. They are fully customizable so you can create your own, or edit one to add your own cast or music if you so wish.

A higher emphasis will be put on documentation and tutorials to get more people making videos much more quickly and far more efficiently. Create professional cinematography sequences with easy to use camera tools. The only thing you need is a working installation of Quake Live and some Demos for you to explore.